seamless body shaper Wearing -washing TIPS

If your new to Shapewear, this is a must read.

Most women when it comes to Shapewear miss that part of how to wash the shaper. Follow these simple directions below on how to keep your Shapewear for long use!

Please keep in mind that all Shapewear brands are different. We here at Seamless Body Shaper pride ourselves for best PLUS SIZE HIGH QUALITY COMPRESSION SHAPER. And we love it!Women always ask?

“How do I wash Shapewear? Can I wear my Shapewear every day? Do I have to hand wash it? Can I throw it in the dryer with my other clothes?” Continue the read to find out these answers and more!

How to wear your Shapewear?

If you’re planning on wearing your Shapewear every day (Work, School, Errands in town) it’s best to get a few pairs so that the fabric has time to relax and compress back down to it’s normal size. The Nylon and Spandex Fabric will continue to stay very soft and help the compression will continue to help areas needed. 

Remember that Shapewear is just like underwear. Would you wear a pair of underwear 2 days in a row? This is why we would recommend buying 3 pairs. Just so you know you have a rotating pair that you finish your 7 day week!

So if you are still reading this use 10% Code: Shaper for the second pair on us!

How to wash your Shapwear? Can you wash Shapewear?

Okay here’s the scope! Can you wash Shapewear in your washing machine? YES! However your washing machine should have a Gentle Cycle or Soft Wash. These settings are used for soft fabrics like cashmere or silk or your Shapewear!


Other options then your washing machine? Wash bags or mesh bags for laundry washing is another great alternative. You would want to wash your shaper with similar soft clothes.

Handwashing is always 100% best and will last a lot longer!

*Sharp bra supports and hooks can damage the shapewear.

Can I use my Drying Machine?

Can I use the drying machine to dry my shaper? NO!!! Please do not use the drying machine to dry shapewear. Just like cashmere or silk you will damage the shaper to the point of throwing it away.



When hand washing your shaper, you should use cold water. When using your washing machine use the coldest setting available. Do not twist your shaper to squeeze out excess water. Your detergent can be your regular clothes detergent. You can use baby shampoo or something as similar.


To wrap up… Yes,  you can wash your Shaperwear in your washing machine. But, make sure you use a gentle cycle or a setting that you would use for delicate clothes like cashmere or silk. For best use and longer lasting, you should hand wash your shaper or use a wash bag or mesh bag. Be sure to visit read Shapewear Roll Down Helpful Tips

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