Shapewear roll down  helpful tips

What to look for before you purchase. 

Shapewear love to hate it, that feeling when you are about to sit down and your shaper starts to roll down.
If you are considering shapewear and you’ve heard what’s called roll down; when your shapewear rolls down from the top. 

It’s common in most shapewear considering the cut and material and silhouette of what called, the brands ideal image. So, when in the market to purchase an amazing shapewear reference these quick tips to help you make the right decision.

choose the right shapewear company

Most Shapewear brands are made from a lower grade of fabrics, can quickly lose their compression properties. For example, when looking for high-waist shapewear that doesn’t roll down, make sure it has a silicone waistband that helps it stay in place, no matter what you are doing. These silicone strips are like super glue for your skin, as it helps your shapewear literally stick to you.

Its all about the compression 

The more support the more easily your shapewear will stay up. If you find most shapewear you wear tends to bunch up while sitting, then you should look for styles made from firmer compression. It will have more shaping power and it will stay in place no matter what you are doing.

Get the right size

The key for no roll shapewear is wearing the correct size for your body. Be honest with yourself. If you are a size large on the size chart, don’t order yourself a smaller size, reasoning that you will be getting double the shaping power. Sizing down basically guarantees that your Seamless Body Shaper will roll down. A smaller size won’t only roll down but it will accentuate all of your wiggly bits.

If you still need some help with your size, visit out  Size Help Guide

know when to put on shapewear

We know you are in a rush to look your best and get out your front door to start enjoying your life. But just as you don’t apply your facial foundation to a wet face, you can’t put shapewear on while your skin is still damp. The dampness of your skin will cause some major Seamless Body Shaper roll down issues when it dries, so just put it on when your skin is completely dry.

Go seamless!

If you already went out for a night on the town and you didn’t follow the above shapewear hacks to stop it from rolling down. Then your best option is just go seamless, for the rest of the evening and forgot about your rolling down shapewear.

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