seamless body shaper size guide

We’re committed to helping you make the right purchase!.

Step 1: In order to know which Shapewear fits your body best, measure your hi-waist, low-waist, and hips with a tape held straight around the body. To measure your hi-waist, hold the tape three points above the waist (the point where the waste goes in when you bend sideways), to measure your low-waist, hold it 4″ inches below the waist and to measure your hips, hold it 8-9″ Inches below the waist or at the point where your hips look widest.

Step 2:  As per your measurements, select a garment from our size guide that targets your problem area. For e.g., if your waist size is small, but your hips are wider than the bust or shoulders, select a thigh Shaper and go by the size that tallies with your hips. If your tummy measures more than your hips, go for waist slimmers or high-waist slimmers that tally with your waist size in inches. .

Not all companies have your body type in mind

Be mindful when purchasing your shapewear based on ads or just their normal website. Most websites you see are not YOU! It’s not your body type but, they promote your size. In those cases, you will definitely not be happy with the product and have a very bad experience.

Do some homework before you purchase

Before placing your order, take some time and browse the website: read blog posts and guides so you know exactly what are the best options for your needs. It’s important that you understand the purpose behind Shapeware.

We want you to have a great experience so we even created a Sally our Ai- Chatbot. She can help you with sizing questions and really educated you on which size you should order.

Make sure you have the right fit!

The secret behind great shapewear is purchasing the right size! It’s that simple. When you purchase the wrong size roll down (read more about Shapewear Roll Down Tips, gasping for air, and feeling not comfortable will happen.

Again, this is considered a “second layer of skin”. You want to make sure that your fit fills as described. Understanding the right size is important and will lead you to feel more confident in shapewear! 

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