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New Seamless Sports Bra – AVAILABLE NOW! Upon popular request, ladies have requested larger size sports bra that will actually support plus size women.

 Like most of us we all work long hours and we just want to be more comfortable in our every day clothes or even a night out with some friends. As women, our bodies go through never-ending changes. They tell the stories of our lives like becoming a mother, growing wiser, in our busy lives.

Seamless Body Shaper allows you to build more confidence while shaping, toning, and lifting all the desired areas. 100% Full ALL DAY comfort, posture correction, seamless soft straps, full support, and full control.


Look and feel the difference.

Our Seamless Material will make you feel and look great!

” It’s very hard to find supportive sports bras that fit me right simply because my waist is small (32) with DDD boobs, so anything that fits tight enough at the waist is going to be spilling over at the top. However, this sports bra offers great support and compression and at least halfway decent coverage for me compared to many other sports bras. It’s thin ad light almost like you aren’t wearing anything. Highly recommend unless you are small waisted with a big chest and looking for more coverage.” – Tamika D. Atlanta,GA


Question: Where is this shipped from?

Answer: All items are shipped from the USA

Question: Is this sports bra really good for support?

Answer: Yes! Our Seamless Sports Bra has Spandex Support Fabric!

Question:  I’m large in my chest and I wanted to start excising, can this sports bra be worn when I start exercising ?

Answer: We excurage it! A lot of women like our Seamless Material during their workout..

Question: What size is right for me?

Answer: Please refer to our Sizing Guide above before buying if you are unsure.

Question: I hate my straps now with my bra’s, how are the straps on this yours?

Answer: Very soft but, they provide full support so your not adjusting your as bra as often throughout the day

Question: How do I wash it?

Answer: Yes! We would recommend to air dry.

Question: Does it make my breast look flat?

Answer: Not at all, it actually enhances your natural curves in your chest area.

Question: I am in between sizes. What size should I order?

Answer: You should always purchase a size up.

Question: Does it hide my side boobs?

Answer: Yes, it does cover it very effectively.

Question: Items that are on “Backorder”, how long until I get it?

Answer: 3-4 Weeks for USA customers.

Question: Can I wear them all day during my workouts?

Answer: Yes, you can comfortably wear it all day, every day as our Seamless Sports Bra is made of extremely breathable material!

Try seamless body shaper completely risk-free

Try the Seamless Sports Bra completely risk-free for 30-days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren’t satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund you,
no question asked!

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MOST comfortable bras EVER!
Tamigachi on Feb 06, 2019

All of my VS bras are 34D, so I initially ordered these bras in size 34. When they arrived and I tried one on, it felt super comfortable, however, at the end of the day when I took off the bra, I noticed I had marks on my back and below my breasts (where the elastic band goes), a sign that the size 34 was too small (too tight) on me. I loved the bras so I went ahead and returned the size 34 and got a size 36 instead and the size 36 is beyond comfortable!!! I am NEVER wearing regular bras again. My breasts are perfectly happy in these bras! They offer the perfect amount of support, but are so comfy and sometimes I feel like I am not even wearing a bra. This is EXACTLY what I had been looking for in a bra .Please never stop making these, I will keep purchasing them for life. I am buying another pack right now!

Very good belly and back compression.
Tamigachi on Jan 25, 2018

I bought this a size down for running (L) and it’s AMAZING! I have 38 DD and it keeps the girls from bouncing and making it uncomfortable to work out. I also bought an XL for lower impact workouts and it’s still really supportive.

Holy Grail of Comfortable Everyday Bras
Tamigachi on Dec 23, 2017

Fruit of the Loom, please don’t ever stop manufacturing these. First off, I generally loathe bras. I seek out the comfortable and unfussy ones. I am a 38C and these bras work like a dream for me (I got size 38 and it fits perfectly). They are simple, comfortable, attractive, and they do a great job of containing the *gals* via gentle compression. While I wouldn’t go jogging in this bra, it is my go-to for everyday wear, including at work. I realize some might want more formal contoured support, but for me these are the Holy Grail of bras.

Great fabric, fit, and workmanship.
Tamigachi on Dec 28, 2017

Very nice and well-made sports bras. I recently lost both breasts to cancer, and therefore have nothing to keep the bra in place, so it tends to ride up a little. I wasn’t comfortable with the ‘undressed’ feeling of not wearing a bra, so bought these to get a more covered up feeling. These make me feel more secure with their full coverage, and look nice under tees or blouses. I’m sure I’ll like them even more as I heal more. I bought a size larger than my previous bra size, and they fit perfectly. May be a little tight with breasts to fill them up.

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